Harvesting olives and producing olive oil

As stated by the Greek mythology tales, the olive-tree has been created in the following way: in her contest with Poseidon, God of the sea, Athena cast a drop of water on the cliff and immediately an olive-tree grew therein.

Throughout the past centuries Istria has been determined by the olive-tree. In time of ancient Greeks and Romans, olive-oil produced in Istria was considered the most exquisite oil in the Empire. Some of the indigenous local sorts of olive-groves are bjelica, karbonera, bu┼ża, etc.
The local olive oil producers use age-old traditional methods to produce the finest extra virgin olive oil.

You can learn how to plant and grow olive trees, as well as how to select and press olives to produce olive oil at one of the nearby local olive oil producers' farms (Farm Jola, Agrofin, Olive Charm, Zigante, etc.).

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