Partaking in local winery and wine tasting

Hilly land with gentle slopes, deep red soil (ideal for plantations of high-quality red varieties - yielding strongly structured, full-bodied wines) and marly soil or flysch, popularly known as white soil (ideal for white varieties, mellow wines that retain their freshness along with the fine aroma), of which Istria abounds in, is ideal for wine-growing.

Grapes harvested by hand and gently pressed produce white and red vintages (Malvasia, Teran, red Burgundy, red Hrvatica, white Pinot, Chardonnay, grey Pinot, red Merlot, Refošk and Cabernet Sauvignon, Momjan Muscat and Poreč Muscat Rose) that are bottled and stored in many surrounding wineries (Degrassi, Coronica, Kozlović, Prelac, Roxanich,...).

You can visit them for wine tasting experience or take part in wine producing process.

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